Jay Mohan
Operations Manager
Rifluxyss Softwares
Jay Mohan is a Computer Engineer who spearheads the U.S operation of Rifluxyss Softwares. With over 14 years experience in the I.T industry on various levels as well as managing three other companies, Jay currently leads the company towards achieving its vision of becoming a prominent mobile application developer in North America.
Good website design - Congrats Surendiran - keep up the good work
Happy Birthday Dhiraj - Have an awesome birthday
How to give killer presentations
This cranked up small cabin was my first US office in 2007. The journey is still on.
Rifluxyss team in 2001 - The first steps - Memories
Docker - the hottest tech in silicon valley right now
Awesome workshop and talk by Gary Jinks today regarding investment pitches
A great song for all the entrepreneurs out there and for all those people who wants leave a mark in this world
A fantastic workshop that showed me how much more I need to prepare myself to start a good pitch. Thank you SVE
Congrats to all the team members of Rifluxyss and Coderig who were part of the successful launch of Peerrenters new app
Congrats Lavanya and Rifluxyss marketing and sales team. Another feather on your crown.
Proud owner of a LG Stylo - It is big.. it is fast.. and I am loving it
Great talk by Bob Ackerman, CEO of Allegis Capital - a venture capital firm investing on cyber security innovative products
Never postpone anything that can be done today
Being Courageous to follow ones Heart needs Guts...
The person with big dreams surrounds himself with a positive aura that is contagious
Try to improve something in you every day
Being happy starts with your attitude
Silence and Smile - Two tools to create wonders in your life !
We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort.
Success is never Final and Failure is never Fatal
Life brings troubles, and hard times. But you’re not truly living if you’re waiting for it to be over.
All Opportunities come with an invitation to do hard work. Embrace them and start working on them.
There is no substitute for hardwork
Team Work can move mountains
Dream Motivational Video
Jim Carrey on Life's Lessons
Apple iWatch - Will this be the next tech?
Broadcast Testimonials using Invouch
Completely out of context, but a motivation to be Happy!
Work hard - reach your goal, come what may in the path.
Let the world be a better place because I was here
PalmAgent - Ad Video
At Facebook office - in front of one of their big walls - inspiring office
A giant screen spread over the wall in Facebook office that shows the traffic real time.
Kudos to Santhosh and Velmurugan for these great words from the client. Keep it up.
Rifluxyss now offers FREE server monitoring for 90 days for all our existing customers
Choice of technology is important
Large Scale DB - This is where we are experimenting now
The profitability of Android apps on Google Play has been improving steadily. Now, there are more ways of making money through an Android app.
FREE workshop
Globaly Accepted Offshore Delivery Model
Software Development Model of Rifluxyss
An Android app for runners, developed for one of our clients, poised to hit the market soon..
Erick Molina from BCConnect visited our office in Chennai
Robbery at our office - A CCTV view of the whole incident
Rifluxyss has adopted Yii Framework for all our LAMP Projects including re-engineering projects that require comprehensive overhaul.
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