Jay Mohan
Engineer. Computer Enthusiast. Loves the thrill of startups. Started and ran 5 different businesses. Sold two of them. Currently working on two new startups. Looking for new and challenging ideas. Wants to meet like-minded entrepreneurs. Lives in the Bay Area with wife and two kids. Loves reading, snooker and poker. Loved Quote "Capital isn’t scarce; vision is."
Portfolio Library of Jay Mohan
Neocora - A very powerful PHP based online auction pro...
We created an easily customizable online auction software that was easily deployable on any kind of web servers. The engine was developed using PHP, where at that time there was no PHP based auction product available. Few clients have adopted this software tool for running the...
ClipsID - A commercial video upload site founded in 2003
California, USA
Founded ClipsID, an active database to store and view video clips online. Once you have uploaded your clip, the ClipsID system will generate a unique ID. During phone conversations/correspondence anyone can safely inform their prospects about the ClipsID they need to see. The ...
Rifluxyss - The software development company founded i...
California, Chennai and Mumbai
This is my first startup. A software development firm, which I started in April 2000, started with three rented computers. The initial journey was very tough. The endless meetings and rejections for the gaining the experience and getting the first set of work. Currently Riflux...
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