Profile Types
Choose the right invouch profile type that you need:
Best for individuals providing professional services
Staffs of businesses that does not have an invouch business account
Professionals building a career
For all the celebrities
If you want to leave a quick testimonial in response
to an invitation
Just for businesses
and not for the employees associated with it
Hotels, Restaurants, Vacation Rentals, Travel Agencies, Bakeries etc.
Any brand or product
Want to build the
brand and reputation of a business and not the people connected with it
Employees of businesses providing professional services
Building online reputation for the business brand using the reputation of the individuals associated
with the business
Collect testimonials from employees of the business across all the branches, store and display in one location
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This is how the testimonial entry screen will look like for the people whom you invite.
Marked area is the hint text. When user checks each box, the text that you have entered against each hint text code will be populated on the testimonial entry area.